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Head Instructor

Ali, Coach/Trainer


Head instructor and owner Ali Lohrassebi has 25 years of martial arts experience in Karate, Muay Thai, Vale Tudo, and Jiu Jitsu. In 2002 he began training with UFC legend Marco Ruas. After three years under Ruas, he moved to San Francisco to train with MMA superstars Gilbert Melendez and Jake Shields.

He soon began learning Jiu Jitsu under UFC veteran Darren Uyenoyama, who eventually awarded him his black belt in 2015. During his time training under Uyenoyama, Ali competed in numerous jiu jitsu competitions, winning multiple national tournaments as NAGA (North American Grappling Association), as well as becoming the California state heavyweight champion in 2009. in 2011, Ali started competing in amateur Muay Thai and MMA, leading to his professional MMA debut in 2015.

Ali has developed an innovative and effective curriculum for teaching martial arts, backed by a large following of fellow professional fighters, beginners, and fitness enthusiasts.


FTCC Mission Statement

FTCC is the dream of Ralph Gracie Blackbelt and MMA Veteran Darren Uyenoyama to provide the ideal training environment for both the martial arts enthusiast and the serious competitor. Darren has competed in grappling and mixed martial events throughout the world. He has also experienced training at a number of schools with various instructors with whom he maintains strong relationships until today. It is from these experiences that the philosophy and mission of FTCC was born.

Darren, Ali's coach / instructor



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Javon a Jiu Jitsu student of Ali

Javon - Tustin P.D.

I have been training under Ali for the last eight months. Being a big guy I never understood or even gave Jiu Jitsu a thought, thinking I would just stay on my feet during a fight. One day Ali asked me what happens when I get knocked down, how do you get back up? I should have mentioned I am in Law enforcement. I told Ali I would just get back up and he asked if I knew how to. I tried one of Ali’s classes and was surprised at the fact a guy who is smaller and less muscular was able to pin me down and submit me. I signed up immediately and began training Jiu Jitsu. One thing I love about being coached by Ali is he personalizes Jiu Jitsu to each person individually based on size, profession and flexibility. Being in the profession that I am, it's top pressure control, getting into a position to use strikes and sinking a choke from multiple angles. Ali is also the kids coach for the kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu program. My son who is 7 and daughter who is 5 have been training with him for the last two years. I have seen an improvement in their strength, endurance and most importantly their confidence. There is never a dull moment while training with Ali. He is a great person, friend and teacher. Many of my friends have trained with other BJJ instructors and when they train with Ali they all say the same, “Ali is a great teacher, wish I found him earlier.

Taylor a Jiu Jitsu student of Ali

Taylor - Tustin P.D.

Over the 6 years that I’ve been training and 3 different gyms I’ve been at, Ali stands out as one of my favorite Jiu Jitsu coaches. Ali is super laid back and makes coming to work out fun. Ali has a breadth and depth of jiu jitsu knowledge and is willing to share his skills and techniques with everyone. Ali is very technical in his teaching and pays close attention to the fine details when demonstrating a technique. If you have difficulties with certain aspects of jiu jitsu, all you gotta do is ask him for a little help and he’ll break it down in a way that makes sense. I would highly recommend taking his Jiu Jitsu class whether your a beginner or advanced. He has a lot to teach his students.

Jimmy a Jiu Jitsu student of Ali

Jimmy - SWAT

When I was looking for a jiu jitsu gym in south Orange County, everyone told me that I need to train with Ali. I came to Ali and MMT with no previous experience in any form of martial arts and had no idea what to expect. Ali took me in and immediately treated me like family. Through his coaching expertise, I have become passionate about jiu jitsu and have learned so much during my first year of training. If you want a BJJ teacher who is also a friend and mentor, Ali is the best out there!